Human Flocking — A Portfolio

Urhamish Ansari, Artist

About The Artist

I am Urhamish Ansari, graduated from Multan College of Arts, B.Z University Multan in 2012 major in sculpture, continuing up with MFA (sculpture) from University of Punjab, Lahore in 2019. As an artist, I work to develop sculptures that speak to me and to others as well. The reason why I produce art is that I love to communicate with the world through my work. My whole idea revolves around human life. The thing which gained my attention is “human condition” interprets both negative and positive aspects of being human. I have exhibited my work in various group shows nationally and internationally such as Pak- Malaysian international Art Exhibition PMIX, Pakistan; International Art and Design collaboration virtual program series 2020, Malaysia; Collateral events of Lahore Biennale in 2019, Lahore; International virtual exhibition Homediart, Lahore and Arjumand Painting Awards (2021) in Lahore, Pakistan. Currently teaching at ISP as a permanent faculty. As an art educator, I have taught and conducted workshops on ceramics and sculpture in various art institutes in Multan.

Artist statement

Art is the carrier of the human condition, and has always reflected different aspects of human life and has been representing changes in the world in different ways. This work started with the content of the human condition, which composes the essentials of human existence.

Excerpts from the Portfolio

Medium: white clay, resin, wood, and plaster. Size: 2’ by 3’
Medium: wooden box, BBQ sticks, and white clay
Medium: red clay
Ice cubes; white clay and resin
Title: Flock of Humans; Medium: red clay, white clay, plaster, resin, and cement, Installation of 2000 figurines, HxLxW: 6"x15"x1"
Medium: watercolor and cac wrappers on vasli
Medium: watercolor and dried ridge gourd on vasli, Size: 12 by 9”
Title: Incertitude; Medium: watercolor on vasli; Size: 8” diameter



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