In hope for all those battling trauma

Femsoc At Lums
Aug 24, 2021


By: Ehtesham Rehmani

I wish to experience the world as I really am.

Its beauty, its forests, its mountains, its rivers,

its classrooms, its cities, its festivals, its stories,

its Godliness.

I wish to surround myself with the world,

I wish to eat, to dance, to sing, to pray, to live the life I’m destined to.

My parents, my siblings, my friends, my lovers.

Soon enough, they’ll all see their beloved thrive.

I wish for all those beloved to me

to see me for who I really am:

a human, a child inside, listlessly yearning for the world’s beauty behind this ill-fitting garb.

Soon, I’ll be in Life’s warm embrace.



Femsoc At Lums

We are a student-run society at LUMS concerned with increasing awareness about the institution of patriarchy embedded in our culture.